Our lunch distribution principles were developed after hearing the same questions from a number of our first-time volunteers:

  • What do I say to someone who needs a lunch?
  • What do I do?
  • How do I hand out lunches?
  • Where do I hand out lunches?

While they don't answer every question a first-time volunteer may have, they help provide you with a rough guide of what you need to know when distributing lunches for the first time.





  • Offer the lunches in a manner that preserves recipient's dignity
  • Approach recipients as equals
  • Greet recipients in a friendly manner
  • Never say 'Free Lunch', rather consider saying ‘We have some lunches to share if you would like one?’


  • Try and limit to 1 bag per recipient
  • Avoid large groups if you don’t have enough lunches to go around


  • Stay in or around Washington Park
  • Go in groups
  • Avoid carrying purses or money


  • Recall the experience with a friend. 
  • What did you learn? 
  • What made you feel uncomfortable? 
  • How were you impacted?


Feeling overwhelmed?

Don't fret! We always send first-time volunteers out with an experienced volunteer to help you feel at ease.